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The Senate must stop Vanita Gupta
anti-police radical with ties to extreme leftist groups should not become third highest ranking official at the Department of Justice

February 26, 2021Washington, DC The Senate must oppose anti-police radical Vanita Gupta and stop her from becoming the Associate Attorney General of the DOJ. Gupta will bring the radical left’s culture war to the DOJ, jeopardizing safe policing through an agenda that is out of touch with Americans. She is compromised by her association with […]

Senate Republicans Should Not Ease Confirmation of Biden Nominees Without Commitment on Filibuster Protection

February 16, 2021 Washington, DC Conservatives urge Senate Republicans to fight President Biden’s controversial and unqualified nominees with the same vigor used by Democrats to oppose all of President Trump’s nominees – including those who were qualified and non-controversial. During the four years President Trump was in office, Democrats mounted an unprecedented number of filibusters […]

The Senate Must Confirm Nathan Simington to the Federal Communications Commission

December 1, 2020 Washington, DC Conservatives urge Congress to swiftly confirm Nathan Simington to a vacancy on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Simington’s nomination is of critical importance to maintaining a balance of views at the FCC. Should Republicans slow-walk confirmation of Mr. Simington, they will run the risk of ceding that seat to a […]

Conservatives Urge the Swift Confirmation of Judy Shelton to the Federal Reserve

November 23, 2020 Washington, DC Conservatives urge the swift confirmation of President Trump’s nominee to the Federal Reserve, Judy Shelton. Shelton is a highly qualified economist who will bring a refreshing and independent view to the Federal Reserve. Her academic scholarship has already made valuable contributions to the debates surrounding productivity growth in the American […]

The Senate Must Confirm A Supreme Court Nominee Before the November Election

September 22, 2020 Washington, DC Signatures updated: 9/24/20 Conservatives call on President Trump to swiftly nominate a conservative to fill the Ginsburg vacancy on the Supreme Court. We then urge the Senate to confirm this nominee prior to the November election. Both historical precedent and the Senate’s constitutional prerogative compel quick action. Between 1796 and […]

The Senate Must Swiftly Confirm Russ Vought

May 18, 2020 Washington, DC Conservatives applaud President Trump’s nomination of Russ Vought to be the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Russ Vought is both extremely capable and qualified to officially take the helm at OMB. Not only has he been a member of the Trump administration since the transition, he […]

Conservatives Oppose the Nomination of Michael S. Bogren

May 31, 2019 Washington, D.C. Signatures updated: 6/3/19 Conservatives strongly believe in the Constitution’s guarantees, especially the First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion. This right encompasses not only the freedom to worship, but also the right to live consistent with one’s faith. That is why we are shocked and dismayed with the […]

UPDATE: The Senate Must Not Confirm Chai Feldblum

March 20, 2018 Washington, DC Signatures updated 3/21/18 The Senate is currently considering the nomination of Chai Feldblum for reappointment to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) with a five-year term. We urge the Senate to reject her confirmation. Feldblum has long held views that are out of step with conservative principles and President Trump’s […]

The Senate Must Work Around-the-Clock to Confirm Conservative Nominees

November 16, 2018 Washington, DC Dear Leader McConnell and all Republican senators, Close to 200 nominations, both executive and judicial, are awaiting consideration in the Senate. If these nominations are not confirmed by the end of the year, they will be returned to the White House. With this in mind, we ask you to keep […]

The Senate Must Confirm All Nominees Before Adjournment

November 14, 2018 Washington, DC As Congress prepares its agenda for the upcoming lame duck session, conservatives urge Senate leadership to confirm all remaining nominees before adjourning for the year. Senate Republican leadership has done yeoman’s work in confirming two Supreme Court justices and a host of appellate judges. However, 178 nominations are still pending […]