Conservative Action Project


The Conservative Action Project (CAP) was founded in 2008 by many conservative leaders with former Attorney General Edwin Meese III serving as Founding Chairman. CAP is currently chaired by the Hon. J. Kenneth Blackwell and is designed to facilitate conservative leaders working together on behalf of common goals.

CAP participants included the CEOs of over 100 organizations representing all major elements of the conservative movement – Economic, Social and National Security – as well as representatives of the Tea Party movement.
The vision of CAP was eloquently communicated in the Mount Vernon Statement which was released in 2010 and reads, in part:
At this important time, we need a restatement of Constitutional conservatism grounded in the priceless principle of ordered liberty articulated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution…
…A Constitutional conservatism unites all conservatives through the natural fusion provided by American principles. It reminds economic conservatives that morality is essential to limited government, social conservatives that unlimited government is a threat to moral self-government, and national security conservatives that energetic but responsible government is the key to America’s safety and leadership role in the world.
A Constitutional conservatism based on first principles provides the framework for a consistent and meaningful policy agenda.
  • It applies the principle of limited government based on the rule of law to every proposal.
  • It honors the central place of individual liberty in American politics and life.
  • It encourages free enterprise, the individual entrepreneur, and economic reforms grounded in market solutions.
  • It supports America’s national interest in advancing freedom and opposing tyranny in the world and prudently considers what we can and should do to that end beginning with an adequate defense for our nation.
  • It informs conservatism’s firm defense of family, neighborhood, community, and faith.

To read the full Mount Vernon Statement, click here.