Conservative Action Project

February 26, 2021
Washington, DC

The Senate must oppose anti-police radical Vanita Gupta and stop her from becoming the Associate Attorney General of the DOJ.

Gupta will bring the radical left’s culture war to the DOJ, jeopardizing safe policing through an agenda that is out of touch with Americans. She is compromised by her association with extreme leftist groups and is unfit to serve in a department that is responsible for delivering justice and preserving the rule of law.

Gupta has supported “local conversations” about cities defunding police departments as a way to keep communities safe. During testimony before the Senate, Gupta called for leaders to heed calls to “decrease police budgets and the scope, role, and responsibility of police in our lives.” She claims that “[Americans] all have implicit bias and racial bias,” a divisive and ideological belief that jeopardizes the national unity that President Biden promised to deliver.

In addition to having questionable beliefs about her fellow Americans, Gupta also has questionable motives. In her questionnaire submitted to the Judiciary Committee, she omitted obvious conflicts of interest such as her father’s big money and big corporate connections. This brings into question serious ethics standards that any normal nominee would understand.

Gupta is also a leader in the left’s culture war against America. When she previously served at the Department during the Obama administration, she argued in favor of allowing taxpayer dollars to fund hormone treatments for transgender inmates. She also supports the radical push to allow male student athletes to compete as females in women’s sports.

Gupta is not a servant of justice. She is a servant of the radical, hard left, which seeks to install a brand of politics that administers justice on the basis of identity politics rather than equality before the law. She must not be confirmed.

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Vice President
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Director of Institutional Partnerships
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Founder, CEO
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Alliance Defending Freedom

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