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Conservatives Support the Rule of Law and Oppose Amnesty

November 29, 2017 Washington, D.C. Signatures updated 11/30/17 Conservatives are united in the belief that the rule of law must be enforced and respected. When it comes to illegal immigration, rewarding those who break our laws encourages more illegal behavior and flies in the face of Constitutional government. It is unfair to those who wait […]

Real Repeal and Real Reform for Obamacare

  Signatures updated: 7/12/17 As the Senate considers new options to replace Obamacare, it is critical that any bill includes solutions that give consumers more choice, create real flexibility for Medicaid, bring more free market principles into the market, and rein in long-term growth of Medicaid. • Consumer Choice: Obamacare’s insurance mandates have caused premiums […]