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The Senate Must Confirm A Supreme Court Nominee Before the November Election

September 22, 2020 Washington, DC Signatures updated: 9/24/20 Conservatives call on President Trump to swiftly nominate a conservative to fill the Ginsburg vacancy on the Supreme Court. We then urge the Senate to confirm this nominee prior to the November election. Both historical precedent and the Senate’s constitutional prerogative compel quick action. Between 1796 and […]

The Senate Must Confirm All Nominees Before Adjournment

November 14, 2018 Washington, DC As Congress prepares its agenda for the upcoming lame duck session, conservatives urge Senate leadership to confirm all remaining nominees before adjourning for the year. Senate Republican leadership has done yeoman’s work in confirming two Supreme Court justices and a host of appellate judges. However, 178 nominations are still pending […]

Confirm Judge Kavanaugh Before October 1

September 20, 2018 Washington, DC As the Senate Judiciary Committee wrestles with the 11th hour character assassination of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, we strongly urge Republican senators to keep the confirmation process on track and proceed with it in a timely manner. As many of his contemporaries have pointed out, the allegations against Judge […]