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Conservatives Call on CDC Director to Resign for Politicizing School Re-Openings

May 7, 2021 Washington, DC Conservatives call on Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to resign immediately for allowing special interests to influence the CDC’s guidance with regard to the re-opening of schools. According to information obtained in a Freedom of Information Act request, the American Federation of […]

Follow the Science and Open the Schools

February 1, 2021 Washington, DC Conservatives urge school districts across America to re-open in accordance with scientific evidence. Recently released data from the Centers for Disease Control show little evidence that schools contribute meaningfully to the spread of COVID-19. Specifically, a report published in JAMA, the journal of the American Medical Association and authored by […]

Conservatives Urge Expanded Access to HSAs in Forthcoming COVID-19 Legislation

August 5, 2020 Washington, DC Conservatives support efforts in Congress by Senators Ted Cruz and Ben Sasse, and Representatives Ted Budd and Chip Roy, to decouple health savings accounts (HSA) from high deductible health plans in forthcoming COVID-19 legislation. Health savings accounts allow individuals to set aside money, pre-tax, for certain medical services. This gives […]

No State & Local Government Bailouts in COVID-19 Relief Legislation

May 8, 2020 Washington, DC As Congress considers additional relief efforts to address the COVID-19 crisis, conservatives are firmly opposed to the inclusion of federally funded bailouts for states and local governments. Federal aid has been primarily targeted toward individuals, businesses, and hospitals struggling due to the public health mitigation efforts designed to slow the […]

The U.S. Should Not Fund the World Health Organization

April 30, 2020 Washington, DC Conservatives stand with the Trump Administration in suspending US taxpayer financial support for the World Health Organization as officials review the future of federal funding of the WHO. The Taiwanese government has stated it provided evidence of human-to-human transmission to the WHO in December. Even WHO’s own doctors have admitted […]

Conservatives Oppose a National Public Health Surveillance System

April 23, 2020 Washington, DC Signatures updated: 4/24/20 As Americans shelter-in-place to avoid the spread of COVID19, disturbing examples have emerged of leaders at the state and local levels taking this “shelter-in-place” to the extreme. From issuing citations to individuals for driving alone in cars or surfing alone on the beach, to ticketing Americans who […]

It’s Time to Re-Open American Communities

April 23, 2020 Washington, DC Signatures updated: 4/24/20 In response to public health guidance from the White House, governors in Georgia, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, Alaska, and Tennessee have begun announcing phased re-openings of their states and communities, allowing people to choose to return to work, go shopping, purchase services, and attend religious services, […]

Letter to Attorney General Barr

April 17, 2020 The Honorable William P. Barr Attorney General of the United States 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC 20530 Dear Attorney General Barr, During these troubled times, we want to thank you for your consistent stance to protect constitutional freedoms of the American people. Thank you, in particular, for focusing the Department of […]

Stop Spending, Protect Civil Liberties, Re-Open the Country

April 17, 2020 Washington, DC Signatures updated: 4/19/20 As the country moves toward the end of this public health crisis, conservatives urge the White House and Congress to slow the unprecedented levels of government spending, act swiftly to protect Americans’ constitutional rights, and re-open American society. It has been just weeks since Congress passed a […]

America Should Get Ready to Return to Work

March 27, 2020 Washington, DC The coronavirus pandemic is a legitimate public health emergency that requires a whole-of-government response. The Trump administration acted swiftly to remove regulatory barriers and used executive power where appropriate to facilitate vaccine development, the production of necessary medical supplies, and control the flow of people into the country. Millions of […]

Public Health Measures Must Still Protect Constitutional Rights of Americans

March 24, 2020 Washington, DC Conservatives are troubled by reports that the Department of Justice is seeking additional authorities during the coronavirus pandemic, including the right to detain individuals without trial. The public health crisis facing the country is unprecedented, and a whole of government approach is underway. However, using this crisis as a justification […]

The Trump Administration Must Continue to Protect Life

March 23, 2020 Washington, DC Signatures updated: 3/24/2020 As the country grapples with the coronavirus crisis, it is critical that the Trump administration maintain its commitment to protecting life at all stages. This is especially true when it comes to attempts by the Left to take advantage of this vulnerable moment for Americans to push […]