Senate Republicans Should Not Ease Confirmation of Biden Nominees Without Commitment on Filibuster Protection

February 16, 2021
Washington, DC

Conservatives urge Senate Republicans to fight President Biden’s controversial and unqualified nominees with the same vigor used by Democrats to oppose all of President Trump’s nominees – including those who were qualified and non-controversial.

During the four years President Trump was in office, Democrats mounted an unprecedented number of filibusters to executive branch and judicial nominations, obstructing confirmation at every opportunity. Moreover, Senate Democrats campaigned on eliminating the legislative filibuster – an option they now refuse to take off the table. Senate Democrats are now openly discussing using dubious budget reconciliation procedures as well.

Even in a 50-50 Senate, Senate Republicans possess substantial leverage. They should not ease passage of President Biden’s nominees without, at a minimum, extracting a commitment that the legislative filibuster will remain unmolested. And they should use the levers of the institution to oppose those nominees who are controversial, activist, or otherwise unqualified.

The Senate operates on leverage and consent. Using that leverage to protect Republican priorities and institutional norms does not constitute “gratuitous” delays.

For four years, Senate Democrats launched an obstructive assault on Trump nominees, and then actively campaigned on upending institutional norms. Senate Republicans should use their own procedural rights to delay confirmations unless and until, at a minimum, Democrat leadership commits to preserving the legislative filibuster.

The Honorable Edwin Meese III
Attorney General
President Ronald Reagan (1985-1988)
Alfred S. Regnery
Chairman, Conservative Action Project
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U.S. Secretary of Energy (1982-1985)
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Meeting Coordinator
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Executive Director
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Director of Policy and Government Affairs
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60 Plus Association
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60 Plus Association
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Less Government
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