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Conservatives Oppose State Funded Racist Training That Politicizes the U.S. Military

June 15, 2021Washington, DC Conservatives call on America’s military leaders who are patriotic, intelligent, and persons of integrity to reject the use of critical race theory – which is state funded racism – and other race and gender ideologies being used to politicize the United States military. Under the Biden administration, ideological instruction and management […]

President Trump, Not Federal Judges or Obama Holdovers, Should Determine Policies Re: Transgenders in the Military

February 14, 2018 Washington, DC Signatures updated 2-20-18 On August 25, 2017, President Trump issued a Memorandum providing formal guidance on policies regarding transgenders in the military. [i] The memo directed the Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security (representing the Coast Guard) to: a)  Return to the longstanding policy and practice on military service by transgender […]

Restoring America’s Military Strength: Military Readiness or Transgender Politics

  Conservative leaders strongly support the principle of peace through strength and therefore the need for immediate action to return the priority of the Department of Defense to restoring America’s military readiness and ending costly and distracting social engineering. President Trump has mandated that his Administration restore the strength of our military.  We, and most […]