Conservative Action Project

Conservative Priorities for the Lame Duck

November 9, 2018 Washington, DC Congress returns to work after the elections for a lame duck session that already has numerous items on its agenda. Government funding expires on December 7, several statutes must be reauthorized or extended, and House and Senate leaders have committed to funding President Trump’s border wall. We ask that the […]

Republican Majority must break with past: Elect New Leadership That Knows How to Win

September 11, 2018 Washington, DC As the House of Representatives considers candidates for new leadership, we urge Members of Congress to select a Speaker who is committed to fighting for the conservative policy promises included in the Republican platform and who will upend business as usual in Washington. Such a Speaker must come from outside […]

Congress Should Enact DHS and DOD Funding Bills Before the Election

August 28, 2018 Washington, DC Signatures updated: 8/29/18 For too long, Republican spending bills have missed key opportunities to implement President Trump’s agenda on policy, but also on spending. Many of the House and Senate spending bills have spent at levels well above what the president requested, and deliberately funded priorities that the president sought […]