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Cruz, Hawley, Brooks, and colleagues follow the Constitution

January 14, 2021 Washington, D.C. Conservatives condemn the violent actions that took place at the United States Capitol last week. Our self-government is founded upon the rule of law, and violence as a form of protest is never acceptable. Unlike most Democrats, we condemned the violent actions of rioters over the summer. We condemn the […]

Conservatives Call on State Legislators to Appoint New Electors, in Accordance with the Constitution

December 10, 2020 Washington, DC Signatures updated: 12/14/20 The evidence overwhelmingly shows officials in key battleground states—as the result of a coordinated pressure campaign by Democrats and allied groups—violated the Constitution, state and federal law in changing mail-in voting rules that resulted in unlawful and invalid certifications of Biden victories. There is no doubt President […]