Conservative Action Project

Thank You President Trump

January 13, 2020 Washington, DC Dear President Trump, On behalf of the conservative movement, we would like to thank you for the accomplishments your administration has achieved on behalf of the American people. From a booming economy, to stronger protections at the border, to implementing strong protections for the unborn, to nominating constitutionalist judges to […]

No Debt Limit Increase Without Fiscal Reforms 

September 6, 2017 Washington, DC Congress faces numerous deadlines when they return to session in September. In addition to funding the government, providing relief for victims of Hurricane Harvey, and reauthorizing several major programs, they face a debt limit expiration. Conservatives oppose any debt ceiling increase unless it includes major fiscal reforms that immediately put […]

Real Repeal and Real Reform for Obamacare

  Signatures updated: 7/12/17 As the Senate considers new options to replace Obamacare, it is critical that any bill includes solutions that give consumers more choice, create real flexibility for Medicaid, bring more free market principles into the market, and rein in long-term growth of Medicaid. • Consumer Choice: Obamacare’s insurance mandates have caused premiums […]

Restoring America’s Military Strength: Military Readiness or Transgender Politics

  Conservative leaders strongly support the principle of peace through strength and therefore the need for immediate action to return the priority of the Department of Defense to restoring America’s military readiness and ending costly and distracting social engineering. President Trump has mandated that his Administration restore the strength of our military.  We, and most […]