President Trump is Right: Critical Race Theory Has No Place in Government

September 29, 2020
Washington, DC

Conservatives applaud the efforts of President Donald Trump and Office of Management and Budget Director Russell Vought and his team in ending funding for critical race theory in personnel training programs throughout the executive branch.

Critical race theory is an insidious ideology with its roots in neo-Marxism. It purports to expose and correct “unconscious racial bias” and “white privilege,” and in doing so, treats “whiteness” as a moral blight. It identifies “oppressor” racial groups and treats anyone as a member of that group as guilty by association, while members of victim groups are considered morally innocent by virtue of their skin color.

Such training goes against the foundational principles of the United States – namely that our justice system is premised on a colorblind, application of the rule of law. In America, we do not privilege or condemn individuals for immutable characteristics such as skin color. It is this commitment to the equal rights of all individuals – regardless of race, creed, or color – that makes America’s commitment to liberty the truest in the world.

Critical race theory propounds the rights of “groups” as opposed to the rights of individuals. This is a pernicious and dangerous ideology that formed the basis for slavery. It should be routed out where it stands.

Unfortunately, critical race theory is not just found in government personnel training programs. It has made its way into our public schools and universities as well. The New York Times has given it a platform in its historically erroneous 1619 Project, which claims 1619, the year that the first slaves were brought to America, as the country’s true founding.

To combat this, President Trump has announced his 1776 Commission to provide a historically accurate account of how, when, and why America was founded – one that grapples with America’s imperfections, while remaining true to the foundational principles to which our country aspires: equality, liberty, and justice for all. We encourage schools to adopt patriotic education that respects both the good and the bad in our history, teaches civics, and strives to mold citizens who will pursue an ever more perfect union.

We commend President Trump and the OMB team for taking the steps necessary to ensure that the damaging ideology of critical race theory no longer pervades the executive branch – including their recent Executive Order which extends this prohibition to federal contractors, as a requirement for receiving federal grants and other funding.

The battle against critical race theory is a proxy for the larger battle between those who would define America on the lie that the color of one’s skin is immutably linked to one’s worth, and those who know the truth: that America was founded on a fierce belief dignity and the equality of all – and those beliefs have made America the greatest barrier to racism and tyranny that the world has ever known.

The actions of President Trump and OMB Director Vought demonstrate courageous leadership in these critical times. We are proud to stand with them.

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