Conservative Action Project

We are encouraged by the new rules and standard operating procedures of the House for the 118th Congress, which have already proven to be more open and inclusive of the legislative goals of rank-and-file Members of both parties. As you develop special rules for various legislation, we respectfully request that you abide by the following guidelines.

Truly Open Rules for Appropriations Bills. All appropriations bills should come to the House floor under truly open rules, since appropriating taxpayer dollars is a core function of Congress. Avoid any requirements, such as pre-printing in the Congressional Record, that would prevent a Member from generating and offering amendments in real time during bill consideration.

Consistency for Authorizing on Appropriations Bills. The vast majority of the texts of appropriations bills consists of authorizing language, yet the practice of who can authorize on appropriations bill is not consistent. House appropriators and Rules Committee members of both parties can add authorizing language to appropriations bills in committee, and senators of both parties can add authorizing language to House-passed appropriations bills on the Senate floor. But non-appropriators cannot add authorizing language to appropriations bills on the House floor. Put another way, Democrat appropriators can authorize on appropriations bills, but Republican rank-and-file cannot. This inconsistency is unwise and unfair—and must stop. We urge you to allow all Members on the House floor to offer authorizing amendments to appropriations bills.

Strive Toward an Open Amendment Process on All Bills. Until January, Members of Congress had been blocked from offering amendments since May 2016. The new Republican Majority should embrace an open process that allows all Members of the House to participate in legislating on the floor to the maximum extent possible. Therefore, the Rules Committee should strive toward making in order as many amendments as possible.

Attach “Smaller” Bills to “Must-Pass” Bills. The House has already passed many “smaller” bills this year, single-subject “rifle-shot” bills that have little chance of passing the Senate as standalones. Therefore, we encourage you, to the greatest extent possible under the House’s newly strengthened germaneness rule, to attach in the Rules Committee these House-passed and other “rifle-shot” bills onto larger legislation that many Members of Congress consider to be “must-pass.” Examples of “must-pass” bills that are likely to pass the Senate in some form this Congress include the various appropriations bills, the farm bill, the National Defense Authorization Act, and others.

Don’t Start the Clock until 6AM. We commend the inclusion of the 72-hour rule, so that Members and the American public have ample time to review legislation before its consideration. In accordance with the spirit of this rule, we ask that the 72-hour clock never start running between midnight and 6AM eastern time and that the clock only start running when the final text of a bill becomes publicly, broadly, and easily available online, no matter what time of day. Emailing final bill text to a handful of friends on K Street should not start the 72-hour clock running.

Avoid Waiving All Points of Order. A common practice in special rules of the past has been to waive all points of order against a bill and its consideration. We urge you to abandon this practice, since there would be no reason to having modernized House rules if they were never followed or enforced.

Rules Committee Republicans Should Move with a United Front. The new Republican Majority must never rely on Democrat votes in the Rules Committee to report legislation to the House floor. All rules reported from the committee must be reported out with unanimous Republican votes.

Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to working with you to further increase the participation of rank-and-file Members—and therefore the American citizenry—in the legislative process.


The Honorable Edwin Meese III
Attorney General
President Ronald Reagan (1985-1988)
The Honorable J. Kenneth Blackwell
Chairman, Conservative Action Project
Chairman, CNP Action, Inc.
The Honorable Paul S. Teller, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Advancing American Freedom
David N. Bossie
Citizens United
Thomas E. McClusky
Greenlight Strategies, LLC
Lori Roman
ACRU Action Fund
The Honorable Mary Vought
Executive Director
Senate Conservatives Fund
Myron Ebell
Director, Center for Energy and Environment
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Kelly J. Shackelford, Esq.
President and CEO
First Liberty Institute
Terry Schilling
American Principles Project
L. Brent Bozell III
Founder and President
Media Research Center
Chad Connelly
Founder and President
Faith Wins
William L. Walton
The Bill Walton Show
Resolute Protector Foundation
Noah Wall
Executive Vice President
Andrew Roth
State Freedom Caucus Network
The Honorable T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr.
Chief Domestic Advisor
President Ronald Reagan (1987-1988)
David Bozell
Cleta Mitchell, Esq.
Senior Legal Fellow
Conservative Partnership Institute
Tom Jones
American Accountability Foundation
Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots Citizen Fund
The Honorable Bob McEwen
U.S. House of Representatives
Former Member, Ohio
The Honorable David McIntosh
Club for Growth
Scott T. Parkinson
Vice President for Government Affairs
Club for Growth
The Honorable Jim DeMint
Chairman, Conservative Partnership Institute
Member, US Senate (SC 2005-2013)
Ed Corrigan
Vice Chairman, Conservative Action Project
President & CEO, Conservative Partnership Institute
The Honorable Gary L. Bauer
American Values
The Honorable Ken Cuccinelli II
Election Transparency Initiative
The Honorable Donald Devine
Director, U.S Office of Personnel Management
Ronald Reagan (1981-1985)
The Honorable Scott Walker
Young America’s Foundation
Andrew Roth
State Freedom Caucus Network
Evan Newman
State Director, SC
State Freedom Caucus Network
Steven Utroska
State Director, Mississippi
State Freedom Caucus Network
Jessie Rubino
State Director, Wyoming
State Freedom Caucus Network
Nick Kerin
State Director, Pennsylvania
State Freedom Caucus Network
Connie Hair
State Director, Louisiana
State Freedom Caucus Network
Collin Moseley
State Director, Illinois
State Freedom Caucus Network
Judson Phillips
Tea Party Nation
Ashley Baker
Director of Public Policy
The Committee for Justice
Joseph A. Morris
Partner, Morris & De La Rosa
Former Assistant U.S. Attorney General, Reagan / Meese
Walker Wildmon
AFA Action
Karen England
Capitol Resource Institute
C. Preston Noell III
Tradition, Family, Property, Inc.
Allen J. Hebert
American-Chinese Fellowship of Houston
Lee Beaman
Beaman Ventures
Kay R. Daly
Coalition for a Fair Judiciary
Joan Holt Lindsey
Lindsey Communications
Eaton Hopkins
MorningStar Investment Group, LLC
William P. Mills, III
Council for National Policy
Robert Fischer
Meeting Coordinator
Conservatives of Faith
Frank Pavone
National Director
Priests for Life
Saulius “Saul” Anuzis
60 Plus Association
Amy Kremer
Women for America First
James L. Martin
60 Plus Association
Sandy Rios
Director of Governmental Affairs
Kristen A. Ullman, JD
Eagle Forum
Brigitte Gabriel
Chairwoman and CEO
ACT For America
The Honorable George K. Rasley Jr.
Managing Editor
Seton Motley
Less Government
Gerard Kassar
State Chairman
NYS Conservative Party
The Honorable Richard Hayes
State Representative
State of Texas
Anne Schlafly Cori
Eagle Forum
Dr. Virginia Armstrong
Law and Worldview Chairman
Eagle Forum
Gary Marx
Madison Strategies
Debbie Wuthnow
The Honorable Mike Hill
Former Member
Florida State House
Jack Park
Conservative Activist and Donor
Mario Navarro da Costa
Director, Washington Bureau
Tradition, Family, Property
Dr. Allen Unruh
National Abstinence Clearinghouse
The Honorable Taffy Howard
Former State Representative
State of SD
Aaron Aylward
District 6 Representative of South Dakota
SD Freedom Caucus
Michelle Easton
Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women
Darin Gaub
Restore Liberty
Richard Rounsavelle
Ambassador Henry F. Cooper
Reagan Chief Defense and Space Negotiator
Former SDI Director
Craig Shirley
Reagan Biographer
Presidential Historian
Pastor Paul Blair
Reclaiming America for Christ
Liberty Pastors Network
Rod D. Martin
Founder & CEO
Martin Capital, Inc.
Guillermo J. Aragon
Chief Strategy Officer
Martin Capital, Inc.
Christina Murphy, Esq.
The Martin Foundation
Lourdes Cosio
Campaign for the American Future
Dr. Jerome R. Corsi
Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr.
STAND Foundation, Inc.
Natasha Srdoc, MBA
America’s Roundtable and International Leaders Summit
Joel Anand Samy
America’s Roundtable and International Leaders Summit
The Honorable Diana Denman
Presidential Appointee
President Ronald Reagan
The Honorable Penny Pullen
Life Advocacy Resource Project

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