Conservatives Support Mick Mulvaney

October 24, 2019
Washington, DC
Signatures updated 10/28/19

Conservatives are proud to support the role Mick Mulvaney continues to play in the Trump Administration. Recent news reports demonstrate that that the D.C. Swamp is attacking him—and we believe it is because he has been the most successful Chief of Staff in this administration to advance the Trump pro-America agenda.

Mulvaney has been a trusted ally of the conservative movement since his days in the South Carolina state legislature, and in the U.S. Congress. He is a proven leader, and an outspoken advocate of conservative principles and policies. He worked to craft the president’s budgets which called for cutting more wasteful spending than any president in history. Mulvaney also worked alongside President Trump in the White House on efforts to rebuild the military, cut taxes for working families, cut regulatory red tape, and unleash American energy.

He has worked diligently on all of these issues on behalf of President Trump’s agenda, which has led to unprecedented job and economic growth, and he’s done so in the face of opposition from the liberal media, Democrats and even from within the administration.

As director of the Office of Management and Budget and as acting White House Chief of Staff, Mulvaney has overseen the office most responsible for implementing the Trump agenda throughout the government. His attention, vision, and commitment to the president’s policies have been evident from the beginning of the administration to today. We believe the president should make him permanent in the Chief of Staff role.

Alfred S. Regnery
Chairman, Conservative Action Project
Chairman, Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund
Cleta Mitchell, Esq.
Foley & Lardner LLP
Lisa B. Nelson
Chief Executive Officer
American Legislative Exchange Council
Ed Corrigan
Vice Chairman, Conservative Action Project
Executive Director, Conservative Partnership Institute
Tom McClusky
March for Life Action
Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots Citizen Fund
The Honorable Tony Perkins
Family Research Council
Ginni Thomas
Liberty Consulting, Inc.
The Honorable Colin A. Hanna
Let Freedom Ring, Inc.
David Bozell
The Honorable T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr.
Chief Domestic Advisor
President Ronald Reagan (1987-1988)
Jessica Anderson
Vice President
Heritage Action for America
Tim Chapman
Executive Director
Heritage Action for America
The Honorable J. Kenneth Blackwell
Constitutional Congress, Inc.
The Honorable David McIntosh
Club for Growth
Scott T. Parkinson
Executive Director
Republican Study Committee (2016-2018)
Myron Ebell
Director, Center for Energy and Environment
Competitive Enterprise Institute
The Honorable Morton C. Blackwell
The Leadership Institute
The Honorable Bob McEwen
U.S. House of Representatives
Former Member, Ohio
The Honorable Becky Norton Dunlop
The Honorable Donald Paul Hodel
U.S. Secretary of Energy (1982-1985)
U.S. Secretary of Interior (1985-1989)
The Honorable Jim DeMint
Chairman, Conservative Partnership Institute
Member, US Senate (SC 2005-2013)
Rachel Bovard
Senior Director of Policy
Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI)
David N. Bossie
Citizens United
Phil Kerpen
American Commitment
The Honorable Tim Huelskamp, Ph.D.
U.S. Congressman, 2011-2017
1st District of Kansas
Kevin Freeman
NSIC Institute
Rev. Frank Pavone
National Director
Priests for Life
Seton Motley
Less Government
Lori Roman
ACRU Action
Robert K. Fischer
Meeting Coordinator
Conservatives of Faith
The Honorable George K. Rasley Jr
Managing Editor
Terry Schilling
Executive Director
American Principles Project
Richard Manning
Americans for Limited Government
Susan A. Carleson
Carleson Center for Welfare Reform
George C. Landrith
Frontiers of Freedom
Lee Beaman
Beaman Automotive Group
Charlie Copeland
Intercollegiate Studies Institute
James L. Martin
60 Plus Association
Jon Schweppe
Director of Policy and Government Affairs
American Principles Project
Willes Lee
National Federation of Republican Assemblies
Amapola Hansberger
Legal Immigrants for America
Allen Hebert
American-Chinese Fellowship of Houston
Judson Phillips
Tea Party Nation
Dr. Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D
Founder and CEO
Elaine Donnelly
Center for Military Readiness
Ron Robinson
Young America’s Foundation
Andresen Blom
Hawaiian Values
Richard D. Hayes
Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant LLP
Nancy Schulze
RCW Speakers
Donna Rice Hughes
Enough Is Enough
Joan Holt Lindsey
Lindsey Communications
Donna Hearne
Constitutional Coalition
Bob Carlstrom
AMAC Action
Kathleen Patten
President & CEO
American Target Advertising
C. Preston Noell III
Tradition, Family, Property, III
Ron Pearson
Executive Director
Conservative Victory Fund
Chad Connelly
Faith Wins
William Shaker
Washington Marketing Group
Saulius “Saul” Anuzis
60 Plus Association
Penna Dexter
Point of View Radio
Sal Russo
Co-Founder and Chief Strategist
Tea Party Express
Jake Hoffman
President & CEO
Rally Forge
Ellen Grigsby
Director of Institutional Partnerships
Open Doors USA
Rod D. Martin
Founder and CEO
The Martin Organization, Inc.
Sherri R. Martin
Executive Vice President
The Martin Organization, Inc.
Haley E. Martin
The Martin Foundation
Christina Murphy Lusk
Campaign for the American Future
The Honorable Jerry Melvin
Former Dean
Florida House of Representatives
Shawn Mitchell
Former Chaplain
National Federation of Republican Assemblies
Dr. John C. Eastman
Senior Fellow, The Claremont Institute
Salvatori Professor, Chapman University Fowler School of Law
Jim Backlin
Vice President of Legislative Affairs
Christian Coalition of America
Jeremy Cerone
EliteSafe Inc.
Roxanne Phillips
Member, Executive Committee
Council for National Policy
Ralph Benko
The Capitalist League
Melissa Ortiz
Founder & Principal
Able Americans
Lisa Calvert
Christian Speaker
Rabon-Calvert Interests
Mario Navarro da Costa
Director, Washington Bureau
Tradition, Family, Property
Dr. Richard Rounsavelle
Media Research Center
The Honorable James C. Miller III
Director of OMB, 1985-1988
Lewis K. Uhler
Founder and President
National Tax Limitation Committee
Deroy Murdock
Veteran Conservative Activist
Contributing Editor, National Review Online

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