Conservative Action Project

February 24, 2021
Washington, DC

Conservatives do not support congressional attempts to return to the practice of earmarking. We urge all congressional Republicans to oppose this effort – and to do so by publicly joining a letter in opposition led by Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. Ted Budd, Rep. Lauren Boebert, Rep. Andy Biggs, and Rep. Chip Roy. Regardless of what Democrats do, Republicans should maintain their conference rule that prohibits their party’s use of earmarks, and oppose every effort to overturn it.

Congress has a long history with earmarks, one which demonstrates that the practice almost exclusively ends in the funding of absurd and useless projects, as well as Member corruption.

As the Cruz-Budd-Boebert-Biggs-Roy letter notes,

….the 2000s were marred by infamous earmarks like the Alaskan “Bridge to Nowhere,” an indoor rainforest in Iowa, a Teapot Museum, and absurd research projects like analyzing goth culture. The wide-spread practice of earmarks was corrupting. Earmarks were used to buy and sell votes and reward favors. Earmarks brought discredit on the House and Senate and ultimately led to several Members of Congress being convicted on corruption charges.

For this reason, Republican leaders placed a moratorium on the practice of earmarking in 2011. This does not mean that state and local projects are not funded; it simply means that those choices are made transparently, and through the relevant committee process.

Contrary to some claims, earmarking will not bring back a “governing consensus.” Rather, it will result in the furious horse trading which benefits only the most powerful and well-connected, while casting the pall of corrupt deal making and self-enrichment over a Congress that is already widely distrusted by those it claims to represent.

Earmarking will also give Democrats one more tool to buy off cheap Republicans in pursuit of an agenda that includes mass amnesty for illegal immigrants, a comprehensive upending of our election laws, entrenchment of Democratic power via District of Columbia statehood, and any number of dramatic revisions to our body politic.

The practice of earmarking ends in waste and corruption – we know this, because we have seen it before. We urge all Republicans to vocally oppose a return to earmarking by signing onto the Cruz-Bud-Boebert-Biggs-Roy letter, by voting against the practice, and by keeping the prohibition of the Republican conference in place, regardless of what actions are taken by Democrats.

The Honorable Edwin Meese III
Attorney General
President Ronald Reagan (1985-1988)
Alfred S. Regnery
Chairman, Conservative Action Project
President, Republic Book Publishers
The Honorable Russ Vought
Office of Management and Budget (2020-2021)
The Honorable J. Kenneth Blackwell
Constitutional Congress, Inc.
The Honorable Colin A. Hanna
Let Freedom Ring, Inc.
The Honorable Becky Norton Dunlop
White House Advisor
President Ronald Reagan (1981-1985)
The Honorable David McIntosh
Club for Growth
Scott T. Parkinson
VP for Government Affairs
Club for Growth
Wesley Denton
Chief Operating Officer
Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI)
Mary Vought
Executive Director
Senate Conservatives Fund
William L. Walton
Council for National Policy
Tom McClusky
March for Life Action
The Honorable Donald Paul Hodel
U.S. Secretary of Energy (1982-1985)
U.S. Secretary of Interior (1985-1989)
Myron Ebell
Director, Center for Energy and Environment
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Kelly J. Shackelford, Esq.
Chairman, CNP Action, Inc.
President and CEO, First Liberty Institute
L. Brent Bozell, III
Founder and President
Media Research Center
The Honorable Morton C. Blackwell
The Leadership Institute
The Honorable T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr.
Chief Domestic Advisor
President Ronald Reagan (1987-1988)
The Honorable Jim DeMint
Chairman, Conservative Partnership Institute
Member, US Senate (SC 2005-2013)
Ed Corrigan
Vice Chairman, Conservative Action Project
President & CEO, Conservative Partnership Institute
Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots Citizen Fund
Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin (Ret.)
Executive Vice President
Family Research Council
The Honorable Tony Perkins
Family Research Council
Rachel Bovard
Senior Director of Policy
Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI)
Thomas A. Schatz
Citizens Against Government Waste
Ambassador Henry F. Cooper
Reagan’s Chief Defense and Space Negotiator
Former SDI Director
Grover Norquist
Americans for Tax Reform
Adam N. Andrzejewski
The Honorable James C. Miller III
Budget Director for President Reagan, 1985-1988
The Honorable Ken Cuccinelli
Visiting Fellow
Heritage Foundation
Charles J. Cooper
Assistant Attorney General, President Ronald Reagan
Cooper & Kirk, PLLC
The Honorable Scott Walker
Young America’s Foundation
Phil Kerpen
American Commitment
The Honorable Gary L. Bauer
American Values
Michael Horowitz
21st Century Initiatives; Reagan Administration OMB General Counsel
Craig Shirley
Reagan Biographer
Presidential Historian
Lewis K. Uhler
Founder & President
National Tax Limitation Committee
Judson Phillips
Tea Party Nation
Penna Dexter
Point of View Radio
Karen England
Executive Director
Capitol Resource Institute
Joseph A. Morris
Partner, Morris & De La Rosa
Former Assistant U.S. Attorney General (Reagan)
Kielle C. Horton
The Lindsey Foundation
Brandon McCrary
Insurance One
Richard D. Hayes
Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant, LLP
James L. Martin
60 Plus Association
Saulius “Saul” Anuzis
60 Plus Association
Andresen Blom
Hawaiian Values
David Williams
Taxpayers Protection Alliance
Art Ally
Timothy Partners, Ltd.
Richard Wright
R & S
The Honorable George K. Rasley Jr.
Managing Editor
Barry Meguiar
Ignite America
Mark Bloom
Ole Podner LLC and Tekgeolgik LLC
Kay R. Daly
Coalition for a Fair Judiciary
Randy Page
Chief of Staff
Bob Jones University
Donald L. Woodsmall
Arromid, LLC
Jack Park
Conservative Activist and Donor
Law Offices of Jack Park
David Haas
Morrison Inc
Floyd Brown
Western Journal
The Honorable Jason Rapert
Founder & President
National Association of Christian Lawmakers
Elaine Donnelly
Center for Military Readiness
Nancy Schulze
Founder, President
RCW Speakers
Melvin Adams
Noah Webster Educational Foundation
Amapola Hansberger
Founder and President
Legal Immigrants for America
Richard G. Scurry
VP Business Development
Willes K. Lee
National Federation of Republican Assemblies
Mario Navarro da Costa
Director, Washington Bureau
Tradition, Family, Property
The Honorable Diana Denman
The Reagan Legacy Forum
Lee Beaman
Beaman Ventures
Robert Keith Fischer
Meeting Coordinator
Conservatives of Faith
Steve Berger
Founding Pastor
Grace Chapel
Gary Marx
Madison Strategies LLC
Tim Throckmorton
Lifepointe Ministries
E.C. Sykes
General Partner
Aslan Ventures
C. Preston Noell III
Tradition, Family, Property, Inc.
Paavo Ensio
Universal Minerals Group
The Honorable Peter J. Thomas
The Conservative Caucus
Dr. Richard Rounsavelle
Dr. Paige Patterson
Sandy Creek Foundation
Joan Holt Lindsey
Lindsey Communications
Ron Pearson
Executive Director
Conservative Victory Fund
The Honorable Mike Hill
Former Member
Florida State House

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