The Senate Must Confirm Nathan Simington to the Federal Communications Commission

December 1, 2020
Washington, DC

Conservatives urge Congress to swiftly confirm Nathan Simington to a vacancy on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Simington’s nomination is of critical importance to maintaining a balance of views at the FCC. Should Republicans slow-walk confirmation of Mr. Simington, they will run the risk of ceding that seat to a Democrat administration.

Moreover, the FCC has a critical role to play in managing the growing threat from Big Tech corporations over speech, markets, innovation, and election integrity. Future FCC nominees must demonstrate their expertise and awareness of the policy challenges presented by these corporations – something Mr. Simington’s experience at both the Commerce Department and at the National Telecommunications and Information Association (NTIA) has prepared him to do.

If Senate Republicans do not act with haste to confirm Simington, they will be intentionally throwing away an opportunity to ensure the FCC acts with fairness and authority on all issues, including those presented by Big Tech. We urge them to act with urgency to confirm Nathan Simington.

The Honorable Edwin Meese III
Attorney General
President Ronald Reagan (1985-1988)
Alfred S. Regnery
Chairman, Conservative Action Project
President, Republic Book Publishers
L. Brent Bozell, III
Founder and President
Media Research Center
The Honorable T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr.
Chief Domestic Advisor
President Ronald Reagan (1987-1988)
The Honorable Bob McEwen
U.S. House of Representatives
Former Member, Ohio
The Honorable Jim DeMint
Chairman, Conservative Partnership Institute
Member, US Senate (SC 2005-2013)
Rachel Bovard
Senior Director of Policy
Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI)
Kelly J. Shackelford, Esq.
Chairman, CNP Action, Inc.
President and CEO, First Liberty Institute
The Honorable Morton C. Blackwell
The Leadership Institute
The Honorable J. Kenneth Blackwell
Constitutional Congress, Inc.
The Honorable Becky Norton Dunlop
White House Advisor
President Ronald Reagan (1981-1985)
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Executive Vice President
Family Research Council
The Honorable Donald Paul Hodel
U.S. Secretary of Energy (1982-1985)
U.S. Secretary of Interior (1985-1989)
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Chief Executive Officer
American Legislative Exchange Council
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The Honorable David McIntosh
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Let Freedom Ring, Inc.
Ed Corrigan
Vice Chairman, Conservative Action Project
President & CEO, Conservative Partnership Institute
Mary Vought
Executive Director
Senate Conservatives Fund
The Honorable Tony Perkins
Family Research Council
Wesley Denton
Chief Operating Officer
Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI)
Mike Davis
Founder and President
Internet Accountability Project (IAP)
Grover Norquist
Americans for Tax Reform
Dr. Rick Scarborough
Recover America Now
Marcia G. Taylor
Bennett Family of Companies
Richard Manning
Americans for Limited Government
The Honorable James C. Miller III
Budget Director for President Reagan, 1985-1988
Ron Robinson
Young America’s Foundation
Glenn P. Story
Founder & President
Patriot Mobile
Ambassador Henry F. Cooper
Reagan’s Chief Defense and Space Negotiator
Former SDI Director
The Honorable Gary L. Bauer
American Values
Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel
William H. Shaker
Washington Marketing Group
Rod D. Martin
Founder & CEO
The Martin Organization, Inc.
Sherri R. Martin
Executive Vice President
The Martin Organization, Inc.
Haley E. Martin
The Martin Foundation
Christina Murphy Lusk
Vice Chairman
Campaign for the American Future
Guillermo J. Aragon
Chief Financial Officer
Martin Imaging, Inc.
Shawn A. Mitchell
Former National Chaplain
National Federation of Republican Assemblies
Judson Phillips
Tea Party Nation
Saul Anuzis
60 Plus Association
James Martin
60 Plus Association
Barbara S. Waddell
Retired Teacher
Sal Russo
Co-Founder and Chief Strategist
Tea Party Express
Andresen Blom
Hawaiian Values
Eunie Smith
President Emeritus
Eagle Forum
Dr. Mark A. Smith
Columbia International University
Amapola Hansberger
Legal Immigrants for America
Mr. Allen J. Hebert
American-Chinese Fellowship of Houston
Robert Keith Fischer
Meeting Coordinator
Conservatives of Faith
Kathleen Patten
President & CEO
American Target Advertising
Seton Motley
Less Government
The Honorable Peter J. Thomas
The Conservative Caucus
Kay R. Daly
Coalition for a Fair Judiciary
Tim Wildmon
American Family Association
Rob Chambers
Vice President
AFA Action
Tom DeWeese
American Policy Center
Mario Navarro da Costa
Director, Washington Bureau
Tradition, Family, Property
C. Preston Noell III
Tradition, Family, Property, Inc.
Kielle C. Horton
The Lindsey Foundation
Dr. Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO
Charlie Gerow
Quantum Communications
Kevin Freeman
NSIC Institute
Joan Holt Lindsey
Lindsey Communications
Leslie Haas
Marketing Director
Morrison, Inc.
Randy M. Long
Long Business Advisors, LLC
John Stemberger
President & General Counsel
Florida Family Policy Council
Lee Beaman
Beaman Ventures
Elaine Donnelly
Center for Military Readiness
Sean Noble
American Encore
The Honorable Mike Hill
Former Member
Florida State House
Paavo Ensio
Universal Minerals Group
Leigh A. Bortins
Classical Conversations
Martha Boneta
Vote America First
Richard Rounsavelle
Ron Pearson
Executive Director
Conservative Victory Fund
Jack Park
Conservative Activist and Donor
Law Offices of Jack Park
The Honorable George K. Rasley Jr.
Managing Editor

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